About the artist

Short Bio

Born in a small beach town and then transplanted to a suburb of NYC, the love of both city life and natural beauty have inspired the artistic endeavors of Cyndi Schick. Since 1991, there hasn’t been a break in Cyndi’s artistic exploration. She studied Art at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After graduating and becoming a commercial photographer, she studied painting, photography and art history while living in Paris for several years. Cyndi has the unique ability to create successful works in a diversity of styles. Her mixed media paintings on canvas are a marriage of the two mediums that she loves most: oil painting and photography. She is inspired by the miracles of nature and the beauty of architecture. The inspiration she finds in everyday life is limitless. Her work reflects the idea of simply being present to witness the beauty that surrounds us. Cyndi’s art is showcased in private residential collections as well as corporate offices in the United States, France, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.





A More Detailed Story…..If you have 5 minutes

For as long as she can remember, Cyndi has considered herself an artist. She grew up on a lagoon in a small beach town in New Jersey. Surrounded by nature, she played with her many ducks, finches, rabbits and a goose. She crabbed off the dock and road her bike. The summer before she entered the 8th grade, her family moved to a suburb of Manhattan in Northern New Jersey.  Cyndi remembers this move as her first photography experience.  She always was a sentimental child. With a polaroid camera, she would document her bunny’s cage and preserve her mud pies in tissue paper and boxes. At 12 years old, she remembers fluffing up pillows, opening curtains, and moving furniture around to make the house look “photo ready”. She documented the house where she grew up before the boxes were packed.  

In high school her love for art became more concrete. From the front doorstep of her house, she had a view of the Twin Towers and downtown NYC. This is when she realized that art was part of her life and always will be. Her first art class was in 1991 at the Montclair Art Museum. She entered a watercolor painting of fresh flowers into an art show.  She anonymously hid in the crowd as one of the curators critiqued her work. The curator’s praise of her work, that day, inspired her to take more classes. From that point in her life, there hasn’t been a break in her exploration or art. Watercolor painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture, photography, art history, glass blowing, papermaking, gelli-printing, and of course travel. Cyndi received her BA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where she studied Economics and Art.  Her time spent in the art studio was the highlight of her college education.

After graduating college, she became a sales representative with software and medical office product companies. She loved meeting people and helping her customers solve business problems. Still, her love for art was always present. Even working full time, she was painting and taking photographs constantly. Looking at the world through her camera lens, she documented her travels and her life. In the late 1990’s, Cyndi published some of her artwork through Kane Gallery in Boston. She began selling her work in Massachusetts in Beacon Hill, Providence Town, Rockport, and on Nantucket.  She was a member of the Nantucket Artist Association and the Rockport Art Association.   During this time, she did a solo show of photography with Stobart Gallery in Salem, MA. 

In 2001, after successfully selling her work for years, she dedicated herself to be an artist full time. She took a job with an art company for a short period to learn a bit about the business of art. After 18 months, she and her husband moved to Paris for almost 4 years.  Creating art while living in Paris became a highlight of her life. It was in Paris that Cyndi met Nina Kovacheva, an installation artist that was (and still is) a constant inspiration. Cyndi went to Nina’s art studio, adjacent to Centre Pompidou, to paint with her and other artists. Living in Paris, inspiration was limitless and everywhere. Cyndi took an intensive clay workshop with Rosie Lamb. She never intended to specialize in clay, but spending 18 hours sculpting someone’s face really teaches a person how to “see things” with their hands, a valuable skill for a painter. Another influential person in Cyndi’s life, is art historian, Chris Boicos. His lectures took her deep into the personality of the artists they studied. While, physically, Chris’s lectures took her deep into the Louvre,  Musee d’Orsay, L’Orangerie, the Picasso and Rodin Museums, and all over Paris. 

Cyndi provides a consultative approach to her art business when working with her clients. Her goal is to create beautiful artwork for homes and professional spaces. Whether her client is a designer or the end buyer, Cyndi is truly flattered by all of her customers. However, one client she’d like to mention is Ms. Boulakia. She and her family own Galerie Boulakia in Paris, France. Ms. Boulakia literally surrounds herself with Picasso and Monet on a daily basis. She loved Cyndi’s work so much that she purchased two abstract paintings and a 6 ft x 4 ft photography-painting mural for her own home.

After Paris, Cyndi moved to Charlotte, NC where she was represented by “Art Charlotte Gallery” and “The Light Factory”.  Art Consultants and Designers from Louisville, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Charlotte placed her work in corporate headquarters and offices, bank lobbies, and select hotels.

Cyndi currently works out of her art studio in the Boston area.  She finds creating art a rewarding experience and considers selling her work the ultimate compliment. “It truly warms my heart every time someone loves my artwork enough to live with it!” If her paintings were a story, each layer would be its own chapter.