Portrait for the Living Room

My client saw a portrait of a woman hanging in the dinning of a restaurant several hours away from her home, and she fell in love with it. She thought about that painting for months and how there was something about it that she adored so much. She scoured the internet and couldn't find anything similar. She contacted me and asked if there was any way to create something similar for her home. She explained that it would be hanging in her living room and that it would be part of a large collage of artwork; each piece would have special meaning for her and her family. I agreed to help her come up with the perfect painting. First she sent me fabric swatches from the chairs in her living room, and a few paint chip samples from the hardware store. With her cell phone, she took a photo of the wall where the painting will hang and also a photo of the portrait that caught her eye. Years later, I spoke with her. The painting still hangs in her living room. She said that she and her husband absolutely love the painting and that "it has brought them so much joy". I am so very happy that I could help.

1453-portrait WEB.jpg